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The Advantages

The Bombay Flying Club's College of Aviation has been established to give an aspiring airline pilot a distinct advantage :

An Aviation Degree with a comprehensive university education, this long overdue initiative is to provide a pilot with the added opportunity of creating an academic platform to pursue higher studies and equip him / her to transition automatically into higher Management levels during the progression of an exacting career.

The Bombay Flying Club's College of Aviation B.Sc (Aviation) Degree is one of the first degree courses that use state-of-the-art e-Learning and Computer Managed Instruction technologies, as mainstay teaching and training aids. "Interactive Multimedia Content" is the most important ingredient to ensure that the complex subjects associated with aviation and aeronautical training, are taught to the students effectively. Interactive Multimedia Content ensures that Instructors can elucidate the subject matter in a much better way, compared to conventional teaching and training aids, thereby enhancing understanding, assimilation and retention by students. It also supports a Testing Assessment and Grading System (TAGS).

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