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    What is AME?

    AME is Aircraft Maintenance engineering. This is related with the maintenance of aircraft. As per government rule before flying of any a/c it must be certified for airworthiness by Aircraft  maintenance engineer.

    Difference between Aeronautical engineering and aircraft  Maintenance engineering

    Aeronautical engineering is related with designing/ manufacturing of aircraft  but AME is related with maintenance of  aircraft.


    Is AME a degree course ?

    No, AME is not a degree or Diploma course. Basically this is a license course. In aviation if you want to do the maintenance on aircraft person need license whereas with the degree or diploma you can not do the maintenance on aircraft.

    Is there any  Job Guarantee?

    The Bombay Flying Club will provide 100% Job assistance Instead of Job Guarantee. If the student is having the basic certificate issued by DGCA

    Is there any Loan facility ?

    Yes we will provide Loan facility from The Saraswat Bank.

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