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Capt. Mihir D. BhagvatiPresident

As President of the Bombay Flying Club, it gives me great pleasure to welcome youngsters, students and enthusiasts into the aviation world which includes Flying, Engineering, Hospitality and all connected activities. Our club has a very long tradition of training pilots and engineers who today are spread out around the world in very responsible positions in the industry.
I myself have an open rated commercial pilot's licence and I enjoy every moment that I am up in the air.
Our Institute is well equipped to teach flying and engineering to aspiring youngsters and we have all the necessary infrastructure with well equipped workshops and well maintained aeroplanes.
We have a highly qualified faculty and a very stocked library where any knowledge seeking person will be fully satisfied.
I welcome you to the world of Aviation.

B. L. BijlaniHon. Secretary

Greetings and good wishes .
The Bombay Flying Club is the birth place of aviation in India, Established in 1928. Mr. J.R.D. TATA, the father of aviation in India acquired his Pilot Licence in 1929. His was Licence No.1.
The aircraft, he flew is still being maintained by us in full flying condition.
The Bombay Flying Club has taken a leading part in many events connected with aviation since its inception.
Our institute is approved by DGCA (Govt. of India) as well as affiliated to The University of Mumbai.
I feel great pride in working as secretary of this prestigious Institute. We are continuously striving towards excellence in education.

Flying Officer C.KumarPrincipal

The Bombay Flying Club has been part of the history of aviation in India, while its extension “College of Aviation” has been functioning from 2009 to impart higher education to our Pilots and Engineers.
We are affiliated with the University of Mumbai for B.Sc. Aviation and B.Sc. Aeronautics – Mechanical and Avionics courses. These are 3 year degree courses for Pilots and Engineers. It may be mentioned that our college is the pioneer in respect of B.Sc. Aeronautics Course being the first college to start these courses from 2011 and our students will be the first batch to receive the degree from Mumbai University.
We also have affiliation with University of Mumbai for Diploma in Aviation Safety and Hospitality, which is a unique part time course.
In 2013, the results of our first batch of B.Sc. (Aviation) course gave a tremendous boost to our morale, when the college got 99% result. All those who passed, scored First Division. In 2014, the results of B.Sc. Aeronautics – Mechanical and Avionics was excellent with 93% success.
In future we are planning more expansions.
Before ending I would like to reiterate proudly, that the commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff has been exemplary. It is thanks to them that we have achieved such excellent academic standards and a very congenial atmosphere in our college, which is cherished by our students.
Above all it is the support and encouragement given to us by our management that has enabled us to bring the college to the extra ordinary standard it has achieved.

A.K. BAHADUR(Ex. AME/Flight Engineer – Air India / Air-Mauritius)
Chief Instructor – A.M.E. Section
Chairman – Examination Committee, B.Sc. Aeronautics - University of Mumbai.

After working for decades as Aircraft maintenance Engineer and Flight Engineer, I find myself back in my routes at the Bombay Flying Club. It is indeed an honour to work it this prestigious organisation, which gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with my students, who will form the future manpower in the aviation industry. It is very fulfilling and satisfying. In the training of our students, the whole team of able and dedicated faculty members put in their very best. We derive our happiness from the prosperity and progress of our students.

Capt. J.P. SHARMAPilot Instructor In charge

As Incharge of flying training at The Bombay Flying Club, it is my endeavour to take this organisation to greater heights. It is heartening to note that in my efforts, I get full support from management and staff. This in turn spurs me to work with renewed enthusiasm every day.

S.K. SARANGI Chief Engineer & Maintenance Manager

The Bombay Flying Club has a wide range of Aircrafts comprising Single engine and Multiengine Aeroplanes with latest glass cockpit instrument system concept These Aircrafts are all maintained in approved (DGCA), setup and continuous airworthiness programme. It's an Honour and pride to be a part of this organisation.

E.M. MOMIN Chief Accountant

Having worked at the Bombay Flying Club since more than three decades, it has been my privilege to see the growth and progress of this great organisation and the successful weathering of the occasional storms. In my work I am ably assisted by Mr. Rajesh Kale (Manager – Administration) and the other staff members.

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