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Introductory Demo Flight

Getting Started

In order to get started you will have to come in person to register as a Bombay Flying Club member at Juhu Airport. You will be able to register anytime during Club hours and also experience your Introductory Discovery Demo Flight which includes your Membership for Just Rs 24,000 per flight. Our flight school is open 7 days a week.

Introductory Discovery Demo Flight

One option you may want to consider before registering is our Introductory Discovery Demo Flight. The Rs 24,000 per flight Introductory Discovery Flight is a great way for you to get a taste of what it is like to fly a small aircraft. Two persons from your friends & family may accompany you and sit in the back and fly along with you. The flight itself is typically 30 minutes over the Mumbai City, and pre-flight briefings are also provided. This flight will allow you to experience the sensation of flying, and the Flight Instructor will be able to answer any questions during and after the flight. The amount of time you will actually be able to fly will be your choice, and dependent on your comfort level. This flight can be scheduled during daylight hours ( Subject to weather,visibility, ATC permissions , air traffic and serviceability of aircrafts ) , any day of the week. Please contact us at introflights@bfcaviation.com

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